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    MEXICO 2016

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About The Event

FEI World Cup Jumping - North America League - Leg Guadalajara.

  • Longines FEI World Cup

    Date. January 25th to 29th
    Venue. Country club, Guadalajara, México
    Venue Address: Mar Egeo #1555 , Col. Country Club, Zip code. 44610 Guadalajara, Jalisco
    Maps Coordinates: 20.705912, -103.367594

    Picture of the gate:

More Information:

The season for the North America League is closer to the end, but not without feeling the Mexican fiesta for the second time. This time the magical city of Guadalajara is hosting the best riders of the region.

Located in the west side of México, Guadalajara has a perfect weather to practice any sport, a multicultural and modern city its also one of the most typical and popular cities.

Guadalajara is world wide famous for create the Tequila and the Mariachi, these two elements were nicely represented in the Pan-American Games on 2011, and of course we will see them again this January.

Guadalajara Country club, its located in the center of the Cosmopolitan zone, one incredible ring of arena and more tan 3,000 fans are and unforgettable scenario for our athletes.

• The nearest airport it’s the Guadalajara`s international airport, 40 min far form the venue

• The nearest hotels are 5 min by car for any booking please contact ricardo@eqmweb.mx

• We recommend use the Uber service for local transportation

• Jan 26, 2016, 13:00 hrs EST: Longines FEI World Cup™ Jumping Guadalajara Grand Prix Qualifier sponsored by Audi – Scappino.
Watch free live streaming HERE

• Jan 27, 2016, 13:30 hrs EST: 1.45M. sponsored by Banorte, Watch free live streaming at LINK

• Jan 28, 2016, 13:30 hrs. EST: Longines FEI World Cup™ Jumping Guadalajara presented by Scappino. Watch it at the subscription-based feitv.org

• Jan 28, 2016, 16:30 hrs. EST: FEI Childrens Final Classic 2016, presented by Scappino, Watch free live streaming at LINK

Longines FEI World Cup™ Jumping 2016/17 NAL


FEI World Cup Jumping - North America League - Leg Guadalajara.


Order to Go

  • CSI4*-1.30m

  • CSI4*-1.45m

  • FEI Children´s

  • CSI4*-1.35m

  • CSI4*-1.40m

  • CSI4*- 1.50m Qualifier GP

  • FEI Children´s

  • CSI4*-1.35m

  • CSI4*- 1.40m/1.45m

  • CSI4*-1.35

  • Consolation FEI Children´s

  • CSI4*-GP

  • FEI Children´s final

  • CSI4*-1.35m

  • CSI4*- Clasico 1.40m/1.45m



Lorenzo Mills Hegewisch Tops the Field in Round 2 of FEI Children’s International Classics Final

Fei news

January 26, 2017 - Guadalajara, Jalisco, MX - Day two kicked off with a win for Mexico’s Rodrigo Medina Vazquez and the stallion Lord Power in the $11,500 Judges Cup. Setting the stage for top placings, Brazil’s Rodrigo Lambre aboard Chacol and Mexico’s Jaime Azcarraga with For Fashion clinched the top two spots in the second class of the day, the $15,000 Guadalajara Cup. The men switched spots in the $35,000 Longines FEI World Cup™ Qualifier, with Azcarraga claiming first, riding his longtime partner Anton, and Lambre earning second aboard the talented mare Chacciama.

Thirty-seven horse and rider combinations were put to the test by FEI course designer Olaf Petersen, Jr. in today’s qualifier for Saturday’s $100,000 Longines FEI World Cup™ Jumping Guadalajara. Six were fault-free over Petersen Jr.’s stout track with a variety of related lines and a tight time allowed. Over half of the competitors incurred time faults, with places seventh through tenth each finishing with a score of one time penalty.

Second to jump off and first to finish double-clear, Lambre and Chacciama set the time to beat at a competitive 43.15. Mexico’s Jose Alberto Martinez and No Limit made a gallant effort, stopping the clock a mere tenth of a second slower than Lambre, ultimately placing third. As Azcarraga and Anton picked up their gallop, leaving out strides and making tidy turns, they mastered the shortened course in 42.16, a touch over a second faster than Lambre for the win.

“He’s a real winner, a fighter,” Azcarraga said of his partner of seven years, Anton. “I feel good, I feel in great shape, and I’m ready to go,” he said looking forward to the weekend.

The thirty-two competitors hailing from thirteen countries in the FEI Children’s International Classics Final completed their second qualifying round this afternoon. Out of the fifteen who qualified for the jump-off, five went double-clear. The top three were all within a second of one another, but Mexico’s Lorenzo Mills Hegewisch aboard Caruschka earned the top spot on the podium. Coming in a very close second was Canadian Jenna Lee Gottschlich with Carentana, and yesterday’s winner, Jose Maria Quintana, picked up third with Scully.

Combined with each rider’s score from yesterday, today’s results and other applicable rules determined both the list of the top sixteen competitors and the order of go for the Final Competition as well as the Farewell Competition on Saturday.

Order of go for Farewell Competition: LINK HERE
Order of go for Final Competition: LINK HERE

Don’t miss out on the action tomorrow––tune in LIVE at 1:30 pm CST on FEI YouTube for the $35,000 Pasquel Brothers’ Cup. Saturday’s live streaming will feature the Longines FEI World Cup™ Jumping Guadalajara on FEI TV and the Final Competition of the FEI Children’s International Classics Final on FEI YouTube.


Juan Carlos Alvarez del Castillo wins the $15,000 EQ Cup

Fei news

January 28, 2017 - Guadalajara, Jalisco, MX - Juan Carlos Alvarez del Castillo scored the first win of yesterday morning on the third day of the Triple Copa Scappino CSI4*-W aboard Puertas Liz in the $15,000 EQ Cup. Andres Azcarraga and Al Capone claimed the $35,000 Banorte Cup, edging out both his father Jaime and brother Gonzalo in a jump-off of thirteen horses.

FEI course designer Olaf Petersen, Jr. designed a challenging track set at 1.45m that narrowed the field of forty-seven riders down to a jump-off of thirteen. Similar to Thursday, the time allowed played a role, with four horse and rider combinations scoring one time fault and missing the chance to compete over the shortened course. Rails fell throughout the track, including the heartbreak final oxer that caused a handful their only faults on course.

Of the thirteen who advanced to the jump-off, three were members of the Azcarraga family. The father of the family and veteran show jumper Jaime kicked things off on For Fashion with a speedy time of 36.57 but two rails. Next to go, Andres, the younger of the two Azcarraga sons in the jump-off, finished fault-free and with a time just one-hundredth of a second quicker than his father’s. After eleven more attempts to beat the young rider, including Gonzalo who scored eight faults like his father, not one could catch Andres’s double-clear effort. Of those who finished with a faster time, each one scored four faults.

Twenty-three-year-old Andres noted that although the family members are competitive with one another, they give each other pointers. Since he and his father went back-to-back, they did not have time to exchange words between trips.

“Sometimes it’s like war,” Andres said with a laugh. “But I did tell my brother a few things before he went in.”

Andres works full-time, so he wasn’t able to make Thursday’s Longines FEI World Cup™ Qualifier class. He made up for it with a superb performance yesterday.

Mexico’s Patricio Pasquel piloted Careyes to second place behind Andres. He took a slightly more careful track to the final fence.

“I went a little wider there, wanting to go clean. Too many other riders had that rail down,” he explained.

Many of yesterday’s competitors will return to the ring this afternoon to compete in the Longines FEI World Cup™ Jumping Guadalajara. Don’t miss out on the action - tune into FEI TV at 1:30pm CST for the live broadcast. FEI Children’s International Classics Final concludes today with a Farewell Competition and a Final Competition. Watch the Final Competition live on FEI YouTube at 4:30 pm CST.


January 28, 2017 - Guadalajara, Jalisco, MX.

Photo credit: Anwar Esquivel

Mexico’s Francisco Pasquel and Naranjo delivered the only double-clear to secure the win in the $100,000 Longines FEI World Cup™ Jumping Guadalajara, presented by Scappino. Of the twenty-eight starters, four advanced to the jump-off, including two Pasquel brothers, Francisco and Patricio.

FEI course designer Olaf Petersen, Jr. of Germany built a technical course with a more generous time allowed than Thursday's qualifying class. In the oversized arena at the Guadalajara Country Club, the challenge to stay on an efficient track still caught two riders who jumped clear over the sixteen efforts but incurred time faults, ultimately earning fifth and sixth.

The second rider in the original order, Miguel Maron Kahwagi of Mexico and Brave Liberty San Gabriel, led the way in the jump-off. Collecting eight faults, he left the door open for the remaining three competitors. Francisco galloped in next on his 10-year-old gelding and executed an efficient and fault-free round in 44.24.

Patricio felt the pressure as he attempted to better his brother’s effort aboard his mount Babel. Making a bold decision to leave out a stride to the tall 1.60m vertical midway through did not work out as planned when the pair left all the poles on the ground as they met it on the half-stride. Continuing on without hesitation, Patricio finished with a fast four-fault score in 43.57. No stranger to international competition, Mexico’s Antonio Chedraui rounded out the jump-off aboard Ninloubet. With a light rub in a short combination, the pair emerged with four faults in 47.22, earning third.

“I was a little bit lucky. The horse jumped amazing in the first round. He got a little bit nervous in the jump-off, but in the end it was luck,” said Francisco of his win.

Francisco was referring to his brother who without a mid-course error would’ve won with a faster time. When asked what he would have done differently, Patricio stated, “Not let him win, of course.” As the press and competitors laughed, he continued warmly. “I’m so glad he won. He did a good job and going before all of us he did a fast enough round without going crazy. And I put a little emotion into the class.”

Each of the top three riders tipped their hats to Petersen, Jr. for a job well done with the course.

“We had faults here and there and we had a lot of riders with only one rail. I think more than half of the class had zero and four faults, and if it’s like that I am always very happy,” commented Petersen, Jr. “And as a course designer you also need luck. I wouldn’t change anything today.”

Leading the Longines FEI World Cup™ Jumping standings for the Western Sub-League of the North American League is Mexican rider Enrique Gonzalez. Although he earned his points competing in the U.S., where his business is now based, Gonzalez will hopefully represent his home country in Omaha in the Longines FEI World Cup™ Jumping Final in two months’ time. The Triple Copa Scappino hosted the penultimate qualifier for riders seeking a trip to Omaha, with the final qualifier at HITS Coachella in California on Saturday, February 11, 2017.

Looking to expand show jumping in Mexico internationally, Francisco, who heads the Organizing Committee for the Triple Copa Scappino among other show jumping events in Mexico, announced that he has plans to bid for two weeks of Longines FEI World Cup™ Jumping competition in Mexico. He would like to host one event in Valle de Bravo and one in Guadalajara for the next three-year contract that begins with the 2018-2019 season.

“I would love to have the first week, one week off and then the second week so that people from the United States and Canada could come and show in both classes,” Francisco explained.

With the idyllic setting at the Guadalajara Country Club and the beautiful Mexican winter weather, the superb competition at the Triple Copa Scappino, CSI4*-W concludes tomorrow.

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